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Post  sophdie on Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:12 am

First let me say hello to all on this forum and thank you to the team for setting it up.
I was following the sony camcorder thread on the other site and was shocked when all the investigation suddenly stopped. At first it was suggested 72 was coming back so I kept watching ,then it became apparent that the ban was permanent. The thread never got going again with the same impetus it had before. Now finding out some of the "reason" for the ban I am sure there are others on there doing exactly what 72 was accused of.
I am an air rifle shooter and try to control pests on some estates in Somerset that I work on. I use a variety of night vision kit to help keep down the numbers of rats and rabbits and the now low number of pests about on my permissions show that they work.
Over the next couple of weeks I hope to put my sony camcorder on my mtc cobra and add that to my kit. Many thanks again for all the info I have picked up on this site and hope the friendly atmosphere continues. I will post my findings of the new kit when it is stuck together. ATB. Sophdie


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