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newbie camcorder advice Empty newbie camcorder advice

Post  3.5mag on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:06 pm

Now then Lads,
I'm new to the camcorder add-on scene(currently using n550 and a pulsar challenger).
I've been greatly impressed by some of your members videos and would greatly appreciate any info regarding the recommended camcorder for an add-on. I need to obtain hmr bunny ranges of up to 100 - 120 yards ..I appreciate the need for good IR, i already have 2 x n1000's.(Could use 1 for flood + 1 for spot?).
Regarding DSA, is it still feasible to use an adaptor ring to step up/down to fit scope ocular?I ask this because some of the later camcorders appear to have an external focus ring on the camera lens... would this be a problem?
Look forward to your help,


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